Tandem Skydiving Compared to AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) Skydiving

Thousands of people make their first skydive every year. Some choose the tandem skydive while others choose AFF. Which is right for you? Here are a few things to consider.

How much time do you have?

Because a tandem skydive doesn't require as much training you can get to the dropzone and be on the ground from your first skydive in under an hour. We still recommend you plan on being at the dropzone for a few hours in case weather or scheduling backs us up. For an AFF skydive we recommend you get to the dropzone at 8:30 AM and plan to spend the entire day here.

How does the wind forecast look?

When you skydive tandem you have a highly experienced instructor flying the parachute. For that reason you can jump in higher winds. AFF skydives are limited to 16 MPH winds or lower for your safety.

Do you want to take up skydiving as a hobby?

Skydive Delmarva has an avid group of "fun jumpers" who come to the dropzone almost every weekend to skydive as a hobby. If you think you also might want to skydive as a hobby you should consider making an AFF skydive as it is the first step in learning how to skydive on your own. If you just want to experience the thrill of free fall and parachuting without having to worry about taking a six hour class then the tandem skydive is for you.

Both tandem and AFF skydives are great ways to make your first jump. Whatever you choose, you're sure to have a great time!