Skydiving Video and Pictures

We offer 3 Video and Picture Packages to choose from:

Inside Point of View - $110

Your tandem instructor will wear wide angle action cameras on their wrist. They will document every portion of your skydive from boarding the plane to landing the parachute. They'll even get footage of you under the parachute.

Outside Point of View - $120

A professional freefall videographer will be assigned just to you and will get video and pictures of every phase of your skydive including gearing up, getting in the plane, climbing to jump altitude, exiting the plane, free fall, and landing.

Skydive Videographer

Combo Point of View - $160

The Combo Point of View combines both the Inside and Outside Points of View into the ultimate video of your skydive. Cover all angles and get double the photos!

Our videographers all have hundreds of skydives and are highly experienced and skilled at jumping with tandem and AFF skydivers to get those perfect shots of you skydiving.

Skydive Videographer

You only make your first jump once. Make sure you get it on video!