AFF Skydiving: Skydive for the First Time with Your Own Parachute

AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) is a program designed to teach you everything you need to know to safely jump out of a plane on your own. It starts with a six hour class which will cover topics such as the gear you will use, how to exit the airplane, the best body position for free fall, how to fly a parachute and how to land safely.

AFF Accelerated Free Fall Skydiving

After the class you will be ready to jump. If you choose to get DVD video and photographs your videographer will also meet you at this point. Your first jump "Category A" will be made with two instructors who will hold onto your harness for the free fall portion of the skydive. They'll help with your stability in free fall and use hand signals to help you perfect your body position. They'll also assist you to deploy your parachute if you have trouble doing so.

Once you've deployed, you'll be parachuting back to the landing area under your own parachute. An instructor on the ground will provide assistance by radio to help you fly back to the landing area. When the time is right your instructor will tell you to flare your parachute by bringing both steering toggles all the way down. This will slow your parachute down for the softest possible landing.

If you want to continue AFF you can then proceed your second jump, "Category B" where you will learn free fall turns. The next jump is "Category C" where you will perfect your body position and the instructors will let go of your harness. You'll be free falling with no one holding on! The next jumps are "Category D1, Category D2, Category E1, and Category E2" where you'll only have one instructor. During these jumps you'll continue free fall turns including full 360s and learn how to do barrel rolls, back flips and front flips.

Upper Level AFF Skydive

After completing the seven levels of AFF you'll be qualified to jump on your own. A jump ticket is only $26 and you can rent the same gear that you used during AFF for $25 per jump. Skydive Delmarva's instructors will be happy to provide you guidance if you want to purchase your own gear.

Solo Skydive

Take your first step to skydiving on your own!