Skydiving for Maryland, Virginia, DC, Delaware

Located in Laurel, DE and serving Maryland, Virginia, Washington, DC and Delaware, Skydive Delmarva takes thousands of people skydiving for the first time every year from our 20 passenger airplane. Jumps are made from 13,000-14,000 feet. After a 120 MPH free fall of about 60 seconds you will be parachuting back to earth for about 5 minutes.

Did you know? Because we use an 20 seat Twin Otter airplane Skydive Delmarva is the only skydiving operation in Maryland or Delaware that can take  as many as seven skydiving students together! We are also the only dropzone in MD or DE to fly above 12,000 feet for regular price -- we go to 13,500 for a longer free fall. Other area dropzones either won't fly this high or will charge much more. Learn all the other reasons you should make your skydive with us.

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Skydiving gift certificates are now available. Give the adventure seeker in your life the adventure of a lifetime. Gift certificates can be paid for and printed right through this website!

There are two ways to make your first skydive!

Tandem Skydive

$215 weekdays/$225 weekends - Group discounts available

A tandem skydive is the fastest and most popular way to make your first skydive. You will wear a harness which connects you to an instructor. You will free fall for about 60 seconds then the instructor will deploy the parachute and guide you both back to the dropzone. A tandem skydive requires only about 20 minutes of training but you should plan to be at the airport for about two hours. Read more about tandem skydiving.

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Skydive

$315 weekdays/$325 weekends - Group discounts available

AFF Skydiving is a program designed to give you all the skills necessary to skydive on your own. The day of your first jump starts with a six hour class covering gear, exiting the plane, free fall position, canopy flight and landing. You will then wear your own parachute and jump with two instructors who will hold onto you during your 60 second free fall. You will then receive radio assistance to help you fly the parachute back to the dropzone. You should allow a full day for an AFF skydive. Read more about AFF skydiving.

Tandem or AFF

If you're having trouble deciding which jump to make check here for some things to consider when choosing: Tandem vs. AFF skydiving

Get Photos & Video of You Skydiving

Get high resolution photos and a video of you skydiving edited with music and special effects. Learn more about our 3 video and photo packages.

Skydive Video

A videographer will document your entire experience: gearing up and training, boarding the aircraft, jumping out, free falling and landing. You'll get a CD with high resolution photos and a DVD of your jump edited with music and special effects. You only make your first jump once! Make sure you get the video.

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